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Iranian Caviar

The Iranian coastal regions in the southern part of the Caspian Sea are still an intact natural habitat offering the sturgeon of an ideal environment : clean water , abundant nutrition ,and direct access to spawning areas in the rivers .

Our intention is to keep it that way and to supply the best caviar for generations to come .therefore , it is our commitment to undertake every effort  to preserve stocks , waters , habitat and the art of caviar making .

this commitment has made and will continue to make Iranian Caviar from Shilat a product of outstanding quality .

 For the caviar lover , it is the apex of culinary pleasures .

Vitamins of


Iranian Caviar
Calcium Iron OMEGA 6 Potassium
Full Energy Phosphorus


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 Iranian Beluga Caviar

Bluga caviar , light to dark grey , is highly steemed due to its large granules (coarse roc) and delicate skin : the lighter it is , the more you'll want

 Iranian Beluga Caviar





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 Iranian Asetra Caviar

Asetra caviar , dark brown-grey to golden is stunning . it is the only variety with a unique nut flavor , which makes it a rare specialty

 Iranian Asetra Caviar





                                     Iranian Caviar ...

               The Best Caviar In The World ...

                        The Best Taste

                        The Best Color


  • " Important Points About Iranian Caviar"


  • How long will Iranian Caviar last?

  • Iranian caviar is always packed to order. Fresh caviar should be refrigerated until served, stored preferably in the coolest part of your refrigerator. Unopened, its quality is maintained for four weeks. Once opened, caviar should be consumed at that occasion.


  • How to serve it-Service and accompaniments?

  •  A special presentoir designed by Iranian showcases our caviar with a truly elegant presentation. So as not to break the eggs, caviar should be spooned carefully onto lightly toasted bread or directly into the mouth with our specially designed Iranian palettes. Serve fresh premium quality Iranian caviar in its original perfection. Do not sprinkle with lemon or serve with chopped egg, onion, or sour cream. Save these garnishes for inferior grades of caviar.

  • How to keep it fresh?

  • Store our caviar in the coldest part of your refrigerator, typically near the freezer and consume within a four week period for maximum quality.



  • Which is best? Is it a matter of taste?

  •  First and foremost, what you like is a matter of taste and personal choice. No matter   which Iranian  caviar you choose, you can be assured that your tastebuds will not be disappointed. Beluga is the most prized of all caviar due to its extraordinarily smooth and buttery taste. Many caviar enthusiasts prefer the Asetra for its wonderfully complex taste best described as nutty or fruity. However, true connoisseurs appreciate Sevruga for its rich intense flavor.


  • Caviar service-What types of utensils?

  •  A precious product, caviar goes well with equally precious materials such as gold and mother of pearl. Iranian created 'table top art' to include a line of presentoirs, ladles, palettes and mother of pearl spoons for the total enjoyment of our caviar. Avoid using utensils made of silver as it will impart a metallic taste and affect the flavor of our delicate caviar.


  • Serving sizes?  

  • 30 & 50 grams is good for two people sharing a small tasting. 100 grams is ideal for two & good for four people sharing a small tasting.


  • Can it be frozen?

  •   Iranian caviar should never be placed in the freezer. Freezing caviar harms the integrity of the eggs, causing a premature breakdown of the eggs' walls.  


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